Buy or Make Baby Food?

It’s so exciting when your bebe finally reaches the solid food milestone. This is a time where they can explore different sabores and textures.  And as usual, parents are filled with so many preguntas.

I just assumed I would buy baby food when I had a baby.  But I am glad I did a little more research on the subject. For those mamis asking themselves “Should I buy or make my baby’s foods?” here is my list of pros and cons for each option.  Hopefully this will help you narrow down your decision; whether you decide for one versus the other or chose to combine both, like I did.

Pros of Making:

It’s cheaper to make even if you buy organic food (specifically regarding the first stage of baby food.) I prepared about 3 and half months’ worth of baby food for merely $50 – all organic.  I froze them in 1 ounce ice cube trays and only took out what was necessary for each meal. It cost me an average of .15 cents per ounce.

Es mas saludable and you can CONTROL what goes into your child’s food. I made my own fruit and vegetable mixtures.

*Please remember to wait between 2-3 days after introducing a new fruta o vegetal to see if there are any allergic reactions to new solids.

Cons Of Making

Although, I didn’t mind it so much, you do need to set apart a whole day to cook, puree, freeze, and store/label the baby food. Literally a WHOLE day if you are making the same amount I made. Since it is time consuming, it can get very stressful especially if you are trying to take care of the baby by yourself.  I suggest doing it one weekend or on your spouse’s day off.

You also have to make sure that you take out your baby’s food the night before so it can thaw, in case you don’t like using the microwave to warm up your bebe’s food.  If not then you won’t be able to feed your baby right away.

If you hate washing dishes like ME, you will not be too happy with ALL the extra dirty dishes.  Eek!

If you are going out, you need to make sure that the food can last long enough without refrigeration. If you think you will be out for a long period you can take a little cooler or lunch bag with an icepack.  Which as you can see adds more mami travel gear.

Pros of Buying

It is more convenient when going out. Nowadays you can buy disposable squeezable pouches. Without a doubt, this definitely saves you tiempo.

You can store foods for a much longer period of time.

If you forget your baby’s food, there is no need to make a trip back home. You can always stop by the nearest grocery store or pharmacy.

If you find out that your bebe has an allergic reaction to a specific food you can always return all unopened packages instead of having to throw  out what you already have made.

Cons of Buying

Over time, it can become expensive especially if you are trying to buy organic.

Even if it says organic there are still other ingredients added to keep the food “fresh.”


In the beginning, I wanted only to feed him homemade baby food. As he has gotten older and we are running more errands, I now buy organic squeezable pouches to have for his “to-go meals.”  Combining both healthy and convenient options.


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