5 Lifesaving Bebe Products

Hey mamis!

As new mamis we like researching and learning what are the best products for our bebes.  I like reading reviews, dozens of them, before making any purchases. A habit I never developed until I became a Mami.

So here are my  favorite bebe products that saved my life:


Most of us are taught by hospital nurses how to swaddle our baby. Swaddling is when you snuggly wrap your bebe in a blanket to keep them nice and warm as well as feeling secure and calm. Luckily, during the first month my little one was perfectly fine, but by month two my husband had dubbed him Baby Houdini . EVERY NIGHT, my bebe would figure out how to get out of the swaddle which affected his sleep over time.

We tried various swaddlers and swaddling blankets but fell in love with the Halo Sleepsack. Since Mr. Baby Houdini would free his hands a media noche, his moro reflex, aka startle reflex, would kick in and he would wake up crying.  The Halo Sleepsack allows for a snuggly swaddle while still permitting movement from his hips down.  Not only did our bebe sleep better BUT we did as well. Swaddling benefits your child in so many ways. Visit: Baby Chick: How to swaddle for more info on these benefits.


*Side Note: I stopped swaddling after 4 months.


White Noise definitely has and continues to help us with our little one. In addition, the Cloud B Owl is not just cuddly and cute but perfect for an on the go necessity.  We got the cloud b owl as a gift from one of my husband’s client when my little one was less than a month old and he instantly loved it.

We used it for the first 3 and half months. It has a timer for 25 or 45 minutes and 4 different sounds: stream, rain, ocean, and whale. Our little one loved ocean and se dormia almost instantly. Wherever we went it would go with us. It is great for road trips. They also have the full size that has a smart sensor. 10393732_814598921931046_1807410806923254362_nLater on, my husband’s boss gifted us the HoMedics SoundSpaPortable Sound Machine.  This one was great once we transitioned the little one from the bassinet in our room to the nursery.

Just plug it in,  escoje el sonido and set a timer or have it on all night, like we do.

The machine has 6 different sounds: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook.  They also have a specific sound machine for babies with the only difference being, instead of the white noise sound, it has a heartbeat sound. However, they are both great. ss-2000Also, nowadays you can download apps on your phone with white noises, which is great at times but not always useful.  At one point or another you will need your phone back to call, text, email, etc.

3. Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon

Oh how I loved these! These spoons are great for outings especially if you make your own baby food.  Just fill it with the puree, put the spoon and the cap on and listo. Next squeeze and feed, that’s it.  Only bad thing for me is that it gets a little stuck with more textured type food.  But overall it’s a great product y facil de lavar.


4. Toddler Ezpz ‘Happy Mat’ Silicone Feeding Mat

My cousin got this mat for my son as a Christmas gift.  I love it because my son is able to see each food set out separately and it contains most of the mess in one place. Self-feeding is always going to be messy but the mat definitely lessens it.

Is it 100% baby proof?  No, but it is way better than plastic plates, bowls, and cups, that easily gets knocked over or thrown across the room.


5. Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen

When my bebe was a newborn I would always hear, “Oh, enjoy him like this all you can because once he starts crawling ya no lo vas a poder alcanzar.” Funny enough, they were right. Once my baby was on the move he turned into Mr. Speedy Gonzalez.

He loves exploring!!  He doesn’t like being put in his crib throughout the day other than for his naps. Also a pack n play is pretty much the same thing for him. He wants to be “free!”

My sister and her boyfriend bought the Baby Diego Cub’Zone for my son as a Christmas gift.  The playpen is just big enough where he feels he can roam free. Definitely a life savior. I have it in the living room where I am the majority of the time. It’s near la cocina, the bathroom and laundry room! Lo lleno de jugetes and he is good to go!35383742373599p-1

These are some of my top “lifesaving” baby products. Hope they can be of use to you as well.

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