An Extra Hand

Hey you guys,

Today I want to share something with you that happened a few weeks back. For those new to the blog, I am a first time mami.  Mamihood has definitely been filled with many adventures in these 10 meses!

So the little one and I went to the store for some groceries one day. It was rather cloudy and there was a chance of rain so I brought along my umbrella.  We, as usual, filled the buggy with more things than what was on my list but was not worried about the rain. Me tomé mi tiempo and I even stopped by the store’s Starbucks.

We got in line, paid for groceries and the bagger asked if I needed help.  Le dije que no but thanked him for offering. In my mind I was like “I got this!” The little one and I had been going to the grocery store together for quite a while now and I felt like an expert!

I pushed the buggy out and  froze!  I had not noticed that it was raining cats and dogs –No wonder he asked – It was pouring down!!!! I looked at the baby, the groceries, la sombrilla, the case of waters and at everything a couple of times. First and foremost, my main concern was the bebe.

I kept wondering whether I should carry the baby and with that same hand grab the umbrella so he wouldn’t get wet and with the other hand push the buggy. Or should I keep the baby in the buggy and risk him getting more wet when I try to take him out once I’m by the car. Or should I go back and ask the guy for help…

But before I finished my thought process the Lord me envió un ángel–  a young woman and her son or maybe brother, she was very young. She was already by her car when she quickly made her way to me and asked me if I needed help. I exclaimed out a relieved yes!!. They pushed the buggy and loaded my groceries into my trunk mientras yo ponía al bebé in his carseat.

Remember, it was pouring this whole time so they got soaking wet! I don’t know how many times I thanked them, but I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for their help. Of course I got soaking wet also but the little one was dry as a bone.

At times it might seem that we have everything under control whether we are first time mamis or experienced mamis.  But don’t ever be afraid to ask for help and except help.  Even though this wasn’t a huge event, it completely meant the world to me. That woman and her son helped a complete stranger by taking time out of their day and on top of that they got wet.

I definitely will be passing along this act of kindness.  Hope you can include a mami in your next random act of kindness. 🙂  You never know when a she might need an extra hand or in my case 4 extra hands.


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