First Birthday!

I cannot believe my little one is a toddler now. Time does fly but we definitely enjoyed celebrating his first cumpleaños.

So little fun fact about me… I loooove to decorate/plan parties. I did my own wedding, and other little family parties here and there. So decorating for Lucas’s first b-day was just a blast for me!

We decided for a small fiesta which consisted mostly of family…mainly adults. 😊 Lucas’s birthday theme was based on the first book I read to him, which was El Camioncito Azul or The Little Blue Truck. Here is a little on what we did for the party.


What better way to celebrate a birthday then with a carne asada. YUM! We also had fingerfoods that went along with the birthday theme: homemade rice krispies treats as hay bales, homemade pigs in blanket as the pig pen, Chick-fil-A nuggets as the chicken coop, fruits and veggies as the farmers market and drinks as the watering hole.


My older sister made the cake pops and pudding desserts. The cochinitos in the mud puddings were just so freaking adorable.

The cookies were from Pums Sweets located in Atlanta, Georgia. She is such a sweet person and willing to work with you. The galletas were so cute, that I didn’t want to eat them!! Also FYI she ships!



Since the book is based on a farm the main characters are el camioncito azul y los animales. We bought little cute animals and the blue trucks from different stores – Hobby Lobby, Christmas Tree Shops, and Old Time Pottery. We also bought wheat straw bales from Home Depot. But my favorite decoration was the little blue truck cutout, made by my amazing husband!!


Now the piñata!!! It turned out way bigger than we thought BUT ooooh did we love it… especially the adults! Getting a custom made piñata is not easy to get in South Carolina or even in Georgia. Thanks to Divine Creations my little one got the best piñata.

Everything was made with so much love. I am so grateful for my parents and siblings for helping my husband and I give my little one such an adorable birthday party.

Definitivamente un dia para recordar. Here are some additional pictures we would like to share with you all.


2 thoughts on “First Birthday!

  1. Brittni Sanders says:

    Did you have a pattern for the photo booth and where did you get the cardboard to make it?
    I’m also trying to find the website to the piñata if you could help me there too.
    Thank you a bunch for your help and getting back with me. You did an amazing job on your little one’s party! : )


    • mamivida says:

      Hi Brittni! Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to do.
      So for the photo booth we did not use a template, it was all done freehand by my husband. And we also used 3/4 finished plywood because we wanted something sturdy.

      For the piñata, the website is a facebook page which I am not sure if she is still in business. But what you can do is use my picture as an example and ask around your facebook local groups to see if they know of anybody who makes piñatas. I hope some of this helps! ❤


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