The struggle is real: weight loss!

Weight after pregnancy is an issue for many women.  And now more than ever women/we feel obligated to “bounce back” to their/our pre-pregnancy weight.

I have always struggled with my weight as well as the way I feel about myself.  During a time period in my life, I would binge eat and then go into a diet,  which pretty much just meant starving myself because of the guilt, and then repeat the cycle una y otra vez.  After understanding that I was heading into a very dangerous path, I decided for a healthier route.  I was able to lose a lot of weight before getting married by working out and changing my eating habits; but after giving birth, everything changed.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was nauseous and had morning sickness throughout all nine months. Drinking water was unbearable. I did not over-eat during my pregnancy but I did completely stop working out. My struggle came after giving birth. Instead of losing weight I was gaining, BASTANTE RAPIDO. Breastfeeding took so much energy out of me that I would eat and eat and eat, nonstop, after EVERY breastfeeding. I lost all self-control and fell back into my old binge eating habits.

During this time, I was also fighting post-partum depression. My weight gain added anxiety and stress to an already difficult situation.  I felt disappointed and unhappy with myself every time I looked in the mirror.  I didn’t want to take pictures with my son because of how I looked. Which now I truly regret! There were many beautiful moments that were not captured because of my insecurities. My body never “bounced back.” I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I knew my body had gone through a huge transformation after giving birth but it didn’t help me feel less defeated.  What I had worked so hard on was completely gone.  I never blamed my son, just to be clear; I was disappointed in myself.  These thoughts just made me fall into a bigger depression.

In June I took the decision to have a healthier mentality; I started loving myself in the current stage I was in.  In August I took another decision and I began an overall healthier lifestyle. Our physical health is just as important as our mental health. I did not want to simply diet but truly make a change in my daily diet and lifestyle.  Instead of “trying” to lose weight fast I decided to begin a healthy journey.   I joined Duluth Fit Body Boot Camp and I am so glad to be there.  They have wonderful owners and staff that motivate you on a daily basis. I enjoy every workout and every challenge.  They also work very closely with your nutrition. I have lost and continue to lose weight. Most importantly, I can see that my endurance and self-confidence is up. My confidence is not because I “look better” but because I FEEL BETTER. I am proud of every milestone accomplished and of my ability to overcome small obstacles. I might not be at my pre-pregnancy weight but I am HAPPY with me now!

This road isn’t easy but definitely worth it. I AM WORTH IT! These 6 weeks have been life changing and have allowed me to understand my body more. I lead a healthier lifestyle not just for me but for my family. Mi esposo y mi hijo are my WHY and the reason why I continue to strive for a healthier me.

I have learned to love myself in every stage.  I still have a long way to go but learning to love myself all over again is the best way to get healthy.  I do “indulge” myself once in a while but I have learned to do it with restrictions.

In weight loss we tend to focus only on the “how we look”,” the aesthetics, instead of doing it for health reasons.  I know how it feels to not “recognize” your body. But we cannot submit our bodies to drastic changes that cause negative effects on our health, in order to see fast results.

Mami’s you are all beautiful no matter how you look or how much you weigh. Learn to love yourself in every stage of your life and if weight loss is important to you, start a healthy journey for the right reasons.  AND PLEASE… remember to take all the pictures with your little ones!

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