Un día a la vez

Yesterday as I sat in my car I began to contemplate my life and my future. My mind is always going a million miles an hour, so when I begin to think, I build stories. I’m always thinking ahead and always planning but a downfall to that is that I constantly worry. But I digress. 

So….I started first by remembering when Lucas era un recién nacido. Cuando estaba bien chiquito. He was so little and fragile.

I kept thinking about when he took his first steps.
When he said his first words.  
When he learned to clap.
So many first time memories!

But now I see him running around, saying phrases, and learning to do many new things. All the milestones he has already reached are such blessings and bring so much joy to me.  I am so grateful to be his mami. I’m also super excited about the new milestones to be reached. Which brings me to the following.
My mind started moving forward. At full speed. I began to wonder how he will be when he first starts school.

Then I jumped a few years and wondered about his highschool, prom, first girlfriend etc.
Next, college. Hoping he will follow mami’s footsteps. GO CLEMSON!
Then graduation and maybe a Masters or PHD afterwards.
Getting married.

The whole 9 yards. And before I knew it, I was crying! Not just a few tears. No! More like full blown weeping.  I had already traveled probably 25 something years from now! Whoops!

It’s crazy how your whole mentality changes when you are a mom.  Raising children is such a huge responsibility and as parents we are constantly questioning ourselves whether we are doing a good job or not. But I know God always guide us, all we have to do is try our best.  Of course not everything is easy or como décimos, color de rosa, pero aprendemos de cada situación.  Tenemos que tomarlo un día a la vez.

It’s absolutely normal to plan for the future and want the best for our  children but many times we have to take a step back and appreciate the here and now.  Taking in cada segundo, cada minuto.

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