To vent or not to vent?

Some of you mamis might agree with me and some might not.

Sometimes I feel like all we need is an ear to listen to us. But we struggle on whether we should vent or not. Because if we do we are sometimes made to feel guilty for complaining. 

All we just want to do is vent. We are not asking for you to solve our problems; we just need another adult to hear our struggles. Whether it’s on why our kid is running around and breaking things, or why they are putting everything in their mouth and eating things off the floor, or why we see how other kids are calmer than our child.  How we’re having trouble with their sleeping routine, or how our child cries por todo. Friends, family, mamis, just listen, please don’t lecture us.

All we want to hear sometimes are “oh man, that sucks,” (seriously) or “you got this.” And a  “I understand.”  Short sweet and simple.  Or even share the same struggle with that mami. Just sympathize with us even if it’s just for a few seconds. 

We really don’t want to hear the whole be grateful speech. Yes, I know I have a blessing from God, yes, I know I have a child healthier than many others, or yes, I know some women are struggling with conceiving while I complain about my child. Yes, I know the mom of  5 have their hands full compared to my 1. Yes, I know it’s a phase. Ya sé!

We ARE grateful, we ARE blessed. But maybe we are just a little tired and needed to unwind, “complain,” for a sec or two.

We love our children, we do!  We just needed to get things off our chest and everything will go back to normal once we do. Thanks for listening. 

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