Sniffle Season Must-Haves

I love the fall and winter seasons! But unfortunately it also means the dreaded cold and flu season has arrived!

I want to share with you all some of my go-to cold/flu season products.

Last year, Lucas had the flu which was really difficult for us, since he got a cold once a month for about his whole first year. He is sick again this winter but thankfully es solo un resfriado. But we are constantly checking him, especially during this harsh flu season.

There are many products and brands out there that are great but these are the ones that I have worked for us; all of which were recommended to me by other mamis.  BUT PLEASE ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR CHILD’S PEDIATRICIAN FIRST!

boogie wipes

1.       Boogie Wipes

These are great to help with stuffy and runny noses.  They are super gentle for even sensitive skin, which my son has. They come in small packages so definitely a perfect travel size. Boogie Wipes contain Vitamin E, chamomile and aloe and they come in different scents: unscented, grapes, and fresh scent.

boogie mist

2.       Boogie Mist Saline

Is a must have. A stuffy nose baby is a fussy baby. Keeping the baby’s nasal airways clear is essential. There are many great brands out there but this is our favorite one to use.

3.        Humidifier

During the cold weather, we tend to turn up the heat causing the air to be dry. This causes the baby/toddler to get more congested. The humidifier helps by adding moisture back into the air relieving your child’s symptoms.  They can also help in alleviating other issues such as irritated, dry skin. We bought the Crane Elephant Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier which has worked wonderfully for us but I did notice before purchasing that they did not have such great reviews. We have not had any problems with ours. However, I will say they are hard to clean.

4.       Aspirator

I like using 2 different products.  The NoseFrida and the simple bulb syringe they give you in the hospital. Again, keeping your little one’s nasal airways clear is important. Finding an aspirator will be just trial and error. The Fridababy NoseFrida is great and very easy to use but it personally grosses me out a bit, not going to lie.  I think what causes me to feel this way is the idea that you are using your mouth to clear out the nostril even though you obviously do not come in contact with the boogies. The bulb syringe is intended for a one time use and should be discarded after usage. Sometimes I feel the bulb can help clear out the nose better than the other aspirator.  At the end it just comes down to preference.


5.       Zarbee Products

*again always consult first with your child’s pediatrician*

I love Zarbee products.  They help out with coughs and mucus buildup. Since honey is not recommended for children under 1 due to the high risk of infant botulism, these cough syrups are made of agave syrup and thyme extract. Plus the little one will enjoy the sweet taste and it will help soothe the throat.


I hope these help and make battling the cold/flu season a little easier.


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