Pascua y Cascarones

Easter is almost here!! And with that one of my favorite traditions: cascarones!! Growing up I remember having Easter egg hunts with my family. We not only used traditional plastic eggs filled with candy but made and used cascarones.

Cascarones are actual eggshells filled with confetti that can be decorated however you want. The eggs are broken on top of your head showering you with confetti.

As we got older we stopped doing egg hunts for obvious reasons but NOW as a new mommy, I can begin these traditions again and maybe create some of my own.  Lucas is now older and this year, our parent’s house will probably be filled with 6 adults and 1 toddler doing an egg hunt.

Cascarones can be purchased  in many stores for $2 – $3 a dozen but I think buying them takes away from the joy of making them. They are easy to make and are a fun activity for the whole family. But I will say it does take time to build up a good amount of cascarones. We start saving our eggshells after cooking usually a month before and make them a few days or even a week before, just enough time to let them dry.

Here is a quick How To:

  1. Crack the top of the egg and with a tooth pick widen the hole to about the size of a nickel/ quarter.  The idea is to maintain the eggshell as whole as possible, which is a little harder said than done. Then just pour the egg out. Do this each time when cooking with eggs.
  2. Next, rinse the eggshell with soap and warm water.
  3. Then place them with the hole facing down to allow them to completely drain.
  4. When completely drained repeat steps 2 and 3 again. Not many does this a second time but since we are talking about raw eggs I like to be better safe than sorry.
  5. Once dry and you have saved the desired amount of eggshells,  you can color and decorate them as you please: using dyes, markers, stickers, glitter, paint, etc.
  6. Next, cut colorful tissue paper into small pieces, either squares or circles, that are big enough to cover the holes.
  7. Add your confetti into the eggs, add glue around the opening of the egg and then place tissue paper to cover the opening.
  8. Let the glue dry and you’re good to go!!!!

Cascarones fire away!

But even with all of this we cannot forget the true meaning and purpose of Easter. It’s a day where many of us gather and celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. A day where we remember and teach our children what He did for us. Where we can show our gratitude for His sacrifice and inmenso amor.  It’s a perfect time to spend with our family and loved ones. I pray you all have a wonderful Easter and remember that Lord loves you!

Here are some pictures of our fun DIY project! Bendiciones!

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