Fiesta Mexicana

cannot believe my little one just turned 2! It’s crazy cómo pasa el tiempo. BUT he will always be mi bebé.

This year’s birthday lo celebramos a lo mexicano. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything. It was kind of a crazy day! But here is a little on what we did.

My mom made my son a cute cactus shirt that he wore for the party with some shorts and guaraches.  He was just adorable!


For decoration, we hung papel picado across the activity room and in every table we laid down a bright red or yellow table runner. To decorate the tables we put 2 hand made wooden cactus, one on each corner and a colorful mason jar with a little sombrero on top of it.

Head on over to my Instagram page Mamivida and click the DIY highlights to see the step by step DIY of the wooden cactus.

The papel picado banner can be bought in Party City or Hobby Lobby but we bought ours at a local mexican store. We did however buy the little plastic sombreros at Hobby Lobby. Party City also has them.



Like I mentioned, unfortunately, we do not have the pictures of the food.

But just to go over it a bit, we served tacos de carne asada y de pollo.  On the table itself we had arroz mexicano en una cazuela de barro y frijoles charros en otra cazuela. We also put cilantro, onions and salsas on small bowls de barro.  We had guamacole, pico de gallo, and chips as well. And my fave, fruta picada con Tajin. All we were missing were elotes and esquites! Maybe next time!

To drink we had Jarritos and dos aguas frescas: una de piña y maracuya y la otra de sandia. 

And last but not least the dessert table. We had yummy mini conchas y galletas de grajea from El Horno Bakery in Greenville, SC and my sister made the delicious mustache cake-pops.

But I have to say my favorite was my son’s birthday cake. It was our first time ordering from Simply Sweet Cakes from Suwanne, GA but it definitely will not be the last.  We ordered the vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling which was AMAZING. Honey did not only do an amazing job with the cake but the cookies as well. Unfortunately, I had  a little oopsy with our donkey but we improvised with one of her cookies. 🙂





And to finish it off, you cannot forget la piñata de burro! It was definitely a wonderful day for my son. He enjoyed himself, laugh, played, and ate a lot of SUGAR!!! And it was all worth it.


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