What would you do for your children?

What would you do if you had to flee your country because you and your family were in danger? Their lives at risk due to corruption, famine, genocides, among many other horrible things. Would you not risk everything for your family?

What if you had to leave your town, your job, your extended family just so you and your children could live another day.

What would you do for your children?

Would you not cross rivers, deserts, and mountains just so your children could be safe? Would you risk it all knowing that you could be separated from your children and that they could face danger in the hands of a foreign government? KNOWING your baby could be pulled from your arms, but yet still believing your child has a higher chance of being safe than if you stayed.

What would you do if you had to leave everything you ever knew in a blink of an eye? You have no other option, no other resources, there is no back-up plan; it’s you, your children and the clothes on your back.

What would you do for your children?

It saddens me how much our world lacks empathy.

We are so quick to judge and to point fingers because we are not in their shoes.

But for once think about what you would do if THIS WAS YOUR REALITY, your family!

As I am writing, tears pour down my face because the picture of that child crying for her mother while the mother is being handcuffed comes to my mind.  As I imagine how that mother is not able to console her little one, all I can think about is what if that was my son!

So forget your political background for a moment, really stop and THINK… what if that was you?

Instead of judging, instead of pointing fingers, be compassionate. Not just for those kids but for those mothers and fathers who have had to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.

So I ask you one… more… time…

What would you do for your children?

Me? I would give up my life for my son! I would cross deserts, mountains, and rivers just to give him a chance to live!

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