About Me

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Mami Vida.  This blog is a way for me to share this new chapter in my life with you all as a new, learning mami.

Here’s a little background on me: I am a 1st generation American with Mexican and Salvadorian roots raised by two loving and amazing parents. I was born in Chicago, raised in Greenville, SC and currently am happily living in Atlanta, Georgia. I proudly graduated from Clemson University (Go tigers!) and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management. Current occupation: VIPKID teacher and stay-at-home mami.

I urge you to join me as I learn, teach, and spiritually grow. Even though mamihood took me by surprise, my husband and I are more than excited to have our little handsome bebe in our lives and ready (sometimes not so ready) for what comes along: lo bueno, lo malo and the stinky. I am just a mami trying to raise a child with the same rich cultures I was raised in and with a strong love for God. I hope you stick with me through this journey.