Oh baby!!

Hey Mamas!

This past weekend my sisters and mom threw me and baby Leo a baby shower!

As I have previously mentioned, this pregnancy has had its share of difficulties due to the pregnancy in itself and things we are currently going through as a family. But this weekend God reminded me that even though things can get difficult and frustrating at times, He will always surround us with the right people.

I find some truth when they say it takes a village to raise a child. Not necessarily always on raising the child but more on the aspect of being a support for the mother when needed. Thank you to those who attended and thank you to all who are always checking in on the hubs, the little ones and me. And for all the love you always send our way. It is greatly appreciated!

My sisters and mom did an amazing job! And as you can see it was a very small and intimate affair but filled with love, happiness and maybe a few tears. Thank you again! Can’t wait to meet Leo!

Oh, and my favorite part was the dessert table, as always!

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