Poopsie Mami!

As a new mami I am getting the hang of all the mami duties: lo bueno, lo malo, and the stinky. But lately they have been more on the stinky end.

A few weeks ago, one of my mami nightmares came true. WARNING: this might be TMI for some of you. Please proceed at your own risk.

One day, I had placed Lucas in his playpen while I went to the bathroom and then to my room to grab laundry. Desde mi cuarto escuchaba a Lucas fussing and whining. I thought nothing of it since he usually fusses when he wants to get out of the playpen, which by the way is located in the living room.

I was gone for no more than 5 minutes. As I walked into the living room holding laundry, a strong pungent odor hit me. From his playpen, he extended sus manitos out towards me. He had something odd on his hands and there was something strange lying on the other side of his playpen. As I inched closer…that’s when I saw it, the strange object lying on the other side of his playpen was his DIAPER! (You can see where this is going. Caution, this is only for the brave of heart! Continue to read if you dare. 🙂

Oh how I prayed this would never happen to me!!

As I got closer, the odor became stronger. It was EVERYWHERE! SANTOOOOO! It was smeared on the playpen, el piso, the floor pillow, the rug, and of course all over him, including his mouth!! Yes his mouth! It was a POOP massacre!

I repeatedly exclaimed out “No Lucas, porque??”as I looked around trying to figure out what to do. I wish someone was there to have taken a picture of my face, which looked like I had just witnessed something from a horror movie.

Finally, I ran to the bathroom, turned on the bathtub’s faucet and ran back to get him. As I picked him up, he proceeded to wrap his tiny fingers around my wrists and wipe his poop all over me. I held him with arms extended out and took him straight to the bathtub, clothes on and all. I frantically began to clean him and my arms, while gagging. And for those who didn’t know, getting ese olor out of your hands or anything else it has come in contact with is nearly impossible. No matter how much I cleaned and scrubbed, I felt like we were still not clean enough.

During all of this, Lucas looked up at me confused, as if thinking, “what did I do mami?”

If he only knew!!

Once he was all cleaned up, I had a bigger hurdle to take on. The PLAYPEN! Along with everything else in it. There were certain things like the rug and floor pillow that I simply threw outside and told my husband to pressure wash until squeaky clean!

I got down on my hands and knees and began to scrub. I scrubbed and scrubbed until I could no longer scrub. I finally got everything cleaned. The playpen was clean, the floor, Lucas, and my hands were super clean.

Pero eso sí, terminé super cansada!

Finalmente llegó mi esposo del trabajo and he proceeded to ask how my day went. Which after telling him, he found it to be extremely hilarious. For me…not such much. Ahhhh!

But now after a few weeks, I can laugh and definitely say this is one for the books. 😁

What are some of your baby/toddler poop stories mamis? Please do share! And remember you’re not alone. 

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