Galletas for Valentine’s Day

Cookies for Dia del Amor y la Amistad?! Yes please!!!

I love cooking/baking as a  great teaching activity for my son, BUT of course I am also very cautelosa.

I want to share with you guys my favorite cookie recipe for sugar cookies and our first baking experience with the little one.

It was a SUPER messy activity but definitely enjoyed every second of it.

So I have looked for a sugar cookie recipes that are easy without compromising the taste and I think I have found one.

Click here for the recipe.

I love the fact Num’s The Word uses almond extract.  I have used their recipe 3 times before but this time I decided to use a food processor for the dough, which I feel like it overworked the dough.  In the previous times that I have made the dough I didn’t have to chill it but because I used the processor this time, I definitely had to chill it for about an hour.

Throughout the process my toddler added the ingredients, mixed and stirred. He enjoyed playing with the dough and using the cookie cutter. I really wanted him to use and develop his gross-motor skills.  Even though he might not completely understand,  we counted and named all the ingredients and he followed directions (well mostly.) He was learning math and some science along the way.

Decorating was fun but tiring.

Edit: I completely forgot to add the royal icing recipe information. Below are great videos on how to make royal icing and how to flood cookies with royal icing.

And at the end of the day it was time for Lucas to go take a bath and go to sleep. So he just added the sprinkles on his cookies and went to bed.

I hope you guys enjoy the recipe as much as we did. These cookies also make great gifts!

Enjoy our process in the pictures below!

Sugar cookies 1

Sugar cookies 2

I apologize for my oddly painted window. We still need to finish a few details in the kitchen!

Sugar cookies 3

Sugar cookies 4
Someone enjoyed making cookies!
Sugar cookies 5

When I ask for a kiss and I get two handfuls of flour in the face instead. 🙂

Sugar cookies 6Sugar cookies 8Sugar cookies 9Sugar cookies 7Sugar Cookies 11Sugar cookies 10

Sugar cookies 13
I wonder which ones are Lucas’s? 🙂



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